Cyprus: the new destination

​George Bitar & Karine Cherfane

The new year has started with good news for PREMIUM in terms of economics, finance and insurance, and this after a year of crises in the region & the world which affected all sectors, especially the insurance sector.

​A new branch of the Premium France company, which is both the sister company of Premium France and of Premium Broking House in Lebanon, was inaugurated in Cyprus.

​On this subject, the executive director of Premium Broking House Mrs. Karine Cherfane explained the objectives that pushed to open this branch. Firstly, the applicable corporate and operating taxes that are considered one of the lowest in Europe. Secondly, to have a view of the countries of the Middle East & North Africa from a European geographical perspective and thirdly, the geographical position of Cyprus, which is very close to Lebanon, that allows facilitating and enhancing services of Premium Broking House – Lebanon clients’ with regard to communications, financial exchange & geographical proximity.
It should be noted that Premium Broking House – Lebanon was founded in 2011 By Mr. George Bitar, who carries a long standing reinsurance entrepreneurial career in the MENA and European territories.

This event relating to the field of insurance is a bold step in these times of global economic crisis. Moreover, this new expansion shows that Premium France and its sister company Premium Broking House have achieved and are still achieving success in the MENA and European territories as boutique reinsurance brokerage firms serving selected corporate clients & insurance companies in the region.